Look at this exciting new product. You have not seen anything like this before. Change your fashion look on the fly! For sale in Golf Clubs to the most well-known Department Stores. For the hottest look in snowboarding, skateboarding, golf, or for a great day to day fashion statement. You can wear these belts and switch your color of buckle or belt at any time to look like a million. Made of soft, durable plastic that can be cleaned in your dishwasher or wiped off with a damp cloth. Change your appearance in minutes by “doing the switch”!! Change colors during the day or on other days. Colors are either vibrant or sophisticated in look. Compliment your outfit for the day! Comes in one adjustable size! You just cut it appropriately to fit you. At a convention or meeting and getting tired? Switch colors; get a new look and feel energized again! Guess what, go through an airport and you don’t have to take your belt off. Call Brand Solutions for ordering information.

Minimal Order – 24 units